Service Excellence

What is the Service Excellence Kitemark?

The Service Excellence Kitemark enables your organisation to differentiate yourselves from your competition by showing the value you place on delivering customer experience service excellence.

To achieve certification, you must firstly implement ICXS2019. Once you have achieved above 75% score, then you will be able to display the Kitemark and give your customers confidence that you put customers at the heart of your organisation.

The Service Excellence Kitemark is the replacement for the Customer Service Kitemark.

The Service Excellence Kitemark contains the main principals required for the delivery of customer experience service excellence.

The Service Excellence Kitemark™ is an independent assessment and endorsement of an organisation’s service excellence offering within an ICXS2019 framework.

It’s designed to assess all aspects of your customer experience management system, including developing customer journey maps, measuring the end to end customer experience within which identifying and improving both customer and employee happiness, and enable certified organizations to display a Service Excellence Kitemark - which 62% of the UK public associate with quality, trust and reliability.

Achieve the Service Excellence Kitemark to prove that your organization takes customer experience to the next level:
  • Clearly demonstrate an organization-wide customer-focused approach
  • Prove levels of service excellence are being delivered
  • Enable your business to be competitive in the marketplace
  • Increase customer's trust and improve customer loyalty
The Service Excellence Kitemark can be the differentiator for your organisation.