ICXS2019 - Certification Process

Typical Certification Journey

For full details on the process you can contact one of our Accredited Consulting Partners, details of which are on this website.

Implementation Overview

Pre-Implementation Requirements

The organisation shall purchase a copy of this Customer Experience Standard ICXS2019 in order to ensure that the original and latest revision of ICXS2019 is being implemented

The organisation shall adhere to the requirement of producing the “Strategic Intent”
document outlining that the organisational leadership is fully committed to all
aspects of ICXS2019

The “Strategic Intent” document shall be made available to all relevant
interested parties within the organisation

The organisation shall prepare, keep updated and make available an organisational chart for all relevant
interested parties of the organisation clearly identifying where responsibility and accountability for
customer experience delivery lies

The organisation shall prepare a product / service portfolio detailing the main features of the products /
services it delivers