The Institute has developed a number of online tools to assist organisations worldwide in implementing ICXS2019 and facilitating customer experience service excellence.

We have produced 4 online assesment types, full details as follows. The online assessment software is typically used by an organisation, and / or its Consultants or our Certification Partners to assess the status of the organisation implementing the ICXS2019 standard. It can also be used as a continuous improvement and benchmarking tool.

All Assessment reports conducted by or for an organisation are retained securely within the online solution. Online reports can be printed off in pdf format for circulation or for a comprehensive review of the assessment completed.

Software solutions


The Institute provides its customers with the opportunity of conducting various types of assessments using the Online Reporting Solution found on the official website of the International Customer Experience Institute which is accessible to all registered users.


This assessment allows organisation's to conduct a FREE self-assessment across key aspects (not all of the requirements) of each section within the standard. The report produced provides a summary of the results and allows the organisation management to receive an overview of their status compared to the requirements of the ICXS standard.

Price - FREE


This assessment allows organisations to conduct a comprehensive assessment of all the criteria of the ICXS standard and receipt of an overall summary report for each section.

Price - $250


This assessment provides organisations with a thorough, comprehensive and detailed report including Action Plans so as to support implementation of ICXS2019. This assessment is sometimes referred to as the Initial or Gap Analysis Assessment and should be performed by one of our qualified Accredited Consulting Partners or our Certification Partners.

Price - $950


The British Standards Institution (BSI) and Bureau Veritas (BV) are the global certification partners of ICXI. Only BSI and BV can carry out third party Certification and Surveillance Assessments for ICXS2019. Should an organisation wish to be assessed and certified, they do so by contacting BSI or BV directly.

Certification is valid for a maximum of 3 years including surveillance assessment by one of our Certification Partners each year during this period. Organisations can, if they desire, request further re-assessment no earlier than 6 months after a previous certification assessment.

All assessment results are completed and reported online, with comments for each criterion input by the assessors. Reports are generated online as a PDF report with the overall customer experience service excellence performance score and results for each of the sections.

customer experience journey map

Reports are not only produced by the online solution, but a history of every assessment is retained online for further reference and benchmarking.